An app for watering plants

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A new device alerts gardeners when plants need watering.

Do you wish your plants could just simply tell you when they need to be watered?

A new prototype, dubbed ‘Plant Link’ promises to do just that.

The inventor notes “Plant Link is a system that monitors the water needs of your lawn, garden, or house plants. It alerts you when they need to be watered and can even water them for you.”

The gadget utilizes a device called a link which is placed into the soil, next to the desired plant. The device functions both indoors and outdoors.

The next step is to enter the type of plant on the company’s website.

The link measures and records the amount of water in the dirt and sends that information to the website, where the plant watering schedule is updated.

Savvy plant lovers can opt to have watering notifications send to them via email or text message. The water maintenance schedule can also be viewed anytime by logging into the company’s website.

What do you think of the idea?


Source Engeneering/ Geobeatsnews

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