Tethercell: Control Battery-Operated Devices from Your Smartphone or Tablet

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Tethercell is a revolutionary battery controller that enables you to connect to and control AA-battery-operated devices from your iOS or Android device.

Tethercell is extremely simple to install. First, remove a single AA-battery from whichever device you choose. Next, make sure that Tethercell already has a AAA battery installed within it, then replace the removed AA battery with Tethercell. No matter how many AA batteries are required to run the device, you only need one Tethercell. After the Tethercell is snug in the battery compartment, turn on the device, fire up the Tetherboard app after downloading it free from the App store and you’re ready to connect from any iOS or Android device that is Bluetooth Smart compatible.

What Tethercell allows you to do:

– Turn AA-battery-powered devices on and off remotely

– Be alerted when battery power is low

– Set device schedules & timers

Tethercell AA Battery Adapter Beside Iphone 4STethercell SignalCAD Rendering of Interals of Tethercell

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