The Amiigo fitness tracker

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The Amiigo fitness tracker has a pair of sensors – a wristband and a small shoe clip. These devices both use accelerometers to track your movements and store the activity data in their built-in memories. The data is sent via Bluetooth to an iOS or an Android smartphone app that analyzes your movements and determines whether you’re on the elliptical, running, swimming, doing bicep curls, squats etc. It generates relevant workout info according to the exercise you are doing.

The Amiigo’s companion smartphone app runs a special gesture recognition algorithm to recognize the exercise being performed. The algorithm compares the motion patterns with more than one hundred pre-programmed different fitness activity patterns in order to determine the type of exercise. The developers say that the system also allows you to create and record your own new exercises that might be unique to you. After recording a new exercise, Amiigo will recognize it in future workouts.

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