Tweetchat #whyioe with @DavetheFuturist @CiscoSystems and @BrianSolis

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Yesterday Cisco organized a tweetchat about The Internet of Everything with @DavetheFuturist @CiscoSystems and @BrianSolis. Please  find below a storify of this event.
  1. @ArtJones With more than 99% of things not yet connected, we are just beginning the journey. #WhyIOE
  2. Thank you all for your time. I very much enjoyed this Twitter chat. I will provide further comments in an upcoming blog post soon… #WhyIOE
  3. RT @TeriConrad: Nice! RT @DaveTheFuturist Proud to say we got #WhyIoE trending. 1st time in @CiscoSystems history! #WhyIOE #WhyIOE
  4. The Internet of Everything: How More Relevant and Valuable Connections Will Change the World #WhyIOE
  5. The Internet of Everything: How More Relevant and Valuable Connections Will Change the World – YouTube #whyIOE
  6. Why the Internet of Everything? Because connecting the unconnected saves lives and rebuilds communities. #WhyIOE
  7. @ReinventionQ – agreed. The Internet has forever transformed how we communicate… anyone on the planet, in rich immersive ways… #WhyIOE
  8. @DazzmobileNews I personally think $14 Trillion is a low estimate of the opportunity. #WhyIOE
  9. and, here is a link to a whitepaper with much more detail: #WhyIOE
  10. @DaveTheFuturist: a digital nervous system for the planet will emerge. A new way to sense and manage our world <— WOW! #WhyIOE
  11. Talk about impatient! “@rickbouter @DaveTheFuturist @duivestein what Will be the next big thing #after#IoE #WhyIoE
  12. @DaveTheFuturist And… @YacineBaroudi Technology (Internet) allows us to share, communicate, learn in unprecedented ways… #WhyIOE #MT
  13. People Will take different providers in #IoE (pin/ code story) #whyioe
  14. @DaveTheFuturist @ReinventionQ Corps haven’t adapt 4 hiring pple with broad skills though. Corps may need evolve talent acquisition.#WhyIOE
  15. ‏@duivestein – a digital nervous system for the planet will emerge. A new way to sense and manage our world… #WhyIOE
  16. #WhyIoE Who will own the data in #IoE? How is that determine? what is “private” & what is “public”. Who stores the #data & for how long?
  17. @ReinventionQ Medicine tech skills will be needed. Same is true for many industries – cross-pollination of skills… #WhyIOE
  18. @DaveTheFuturist 4) games & ent point to current cross-device cloud apps. Are we talking sensors on everyday objects for sports/ent? #WhyIOE
  19. @ReinventionQ It’s no longer about a skill – it’s about multi-disciplianry skill sets – take healthcare as one example… #WhyIOE
  20. #WhyIoE how far are we from M2M? Will IoT happen first human to machine before the maturity of M2M and automated Biz processes?
  21. 1 “@ReinventionQ @DavetheFuturist What 1 individual skill/trait do u think is most valuable 2 cultivate 2 be relevant in #WhyIOE economy?”
  22. Who will emerge as leaders on the analytics and data crunching side of the IoE?
    @davethefuturist @briansolis #whyioe
  23. @YacineBaroudi Technology (the Internet) is allowing us to share, communicate, learn in ways unprecedented in history… #WhyIOE
  24. @YacineBaroudi @DaveTheFuturist @CiscoSystems IoT v IoE People, process, data, things. 99% of physical objects are still unconnected #WhyIOE
  25. @DavetheFuturist What 1 individual skill/trait do u think is most valuable 2 cultivate 2 remain relevant in #WhyIOE economy?
  26. The risks are innovation, competitiveness, inefficiency, time to market, customer loyalty to name just a few. #WhyIOE
  27. @DaveTheFuturist Difference Internet of Things vs of Everything pls? Or is it just an @CiscoSystems branding spin? @briansolis #WhyIOE
  28. #WhyIoE what industry do you think is most mature to take on IoE first? Healthcare? Energy? what are low hanging use cases
  29. .@davethefuturist What is the risk to companies that don’t transform using the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  30. MT @mike_rochip: #WhyIOE Are we talking about the Internet as we know it any more? #EoE
  31. .@davethefuturist Which industries drive the most Value at Stake in the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  32. What could #gigbit internet do to offer an internet of everything FOR the public good? #WhyIOE
  33. and information services, finance and insurance, and healthcare. #WhyIOE
  34. 4 out of 18 industries make up more than half the total Value at Stake – This includes – manufacturing, retail trade, (and…) #WhyIOE
  35. 3 core principles of social business are a must here; engagement, transparency & agility but how deep are these actually penetrating #WhyIOE
  36. @YacineBaroudi @rickbouter @DaveTheFuturist IOE healthcare raises ethical, reliability, privacy & security questions. #WhyIOE
  37. @DaveTheFuturist To what extent do you see technology pushing human readiness for #IoE? #WhyIoE
  38. #WhyIOE We’ve rethought the “things” part but what about the “Internet” part? Are we talking about the Internet as we know it any more? #EoE
  39. @TeriConrad Hi Teri. Here’s the link to the #IOE Economy whitepaper for more info: #WhyIOE
  40. @JustinRFrench – Cisco has a rich history of unifying disparate systems based on industry open standards. #WhyIOE
  41. All about brand affinity trust and transparency those who don’t embrace will be disadvantaged #WhyIOE
  42. .@davethefuturist Which use cases will drive the most Value at Stake in the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  43. How do you see the #smartgrid growing, and it what ways will we be implementing more smart grids around the US? #WHYIOE
  44. cross-industry such as future of work. Note: We focused on private sector use cases to make insights relevant for biz / industry. #WhyIOE
  45. So when we’re talking IoE we’re talking emergence of Real Life with Digital? Consistent Experience across the board? @Briansolis #WhyIOE
  46. What about the ‘white noise’ factor that IoE could create, will it be too distracting to leverage progress effectively? #WhyIOE
  47. .@davethefuturist What’s @ciscosystems role in helping businesses embrace the IoE opportunity? #WhyIOE
  48. Value at stake: 66% (9.5T) from industry-specific use cases (ex. smart grid, smart buildings) and 34% (4.9T) from… #WhyIOE
  49. How will this affect consumers and what drivers (monetization) is there fir service providers? #WhyIOE
  50. @davethefuturist, for employee productivity driver, P2P a large portion. Which industries best fit, beyond healthcare/mfg/logisitcs? #WhyIOE
  51. How are questions safety, security, ethical use and individual privacy being addressed in IOE? #WhyIOE
  52. What emphasis do you place on face 2 face engagement? At the end of day people need to get to know, like & trust stage #WhyIOE
  53. How can we use #IOE to not only entertain & inform ppl, but actually IMPROVE their daily lives thru health, transportation, energy? #WHYIOE
  54. @bussolati – IoE will impact every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to energy, to transportation, to entertainment and beyond… #WhyIOE
  55. security, standards & money making biz models needed in #IoE. Who will integrate the stack. sensor>comm>middleware>analytics #whyIoE
  56. .@davethefuturist What is the value that’s at stake with the Internet of Everything? What does it include? #WhyIOE
  57. Gr8 thought Rick”@rickbouter: @YacineBaroudi @DaveTheFuturist Tech ready 4 #ioe but are humans ready 4 such an impact on pers life? #whyioe
  58. @rickbouter @YacineBaroudi @DaveTheFuturist I would guess some are ready and others aren’t ready. Some are impatient. #WhyIOE
  59. @YacineBaroudi @DaveTheFuturist Technology is ready for #ioe but are we humans ready for such an impact on personal life? #whyioe
  60. @DaveTheFuturist But what does that say about adoption? Now more things than people on the Internet… #WhyIOE
  61. @rickbouter I believe we have already reached the tipping point. Now more things than people on the Internet… #WhyIOE
  62. Can you talk about how fragmented the Internet is? And how is cisco playing a role in defragmenting #WhyIOE
  63. @bussolati @davethefuturist I agree IOE includes people but doesn’t part of IOE include doing things 4 people without interaction?#WhyIOE
  64. @DaveTheFuturist Where do you see most significant change in our lives as a result of IoE? Or is the point that it’s evrwhr? #WhyIOE
  65. … adding network intelligence that allows convergence, orchestration, and visibility across previously disparate systems. #WhyIOE
  66. What role do you think predictive analytics will play in capitalising on IoE & will KPI’s be superseded by KPP’s? #WhyIOE
  67. #WhyIOE How can #IoE benefit humanity without creating more networks that prevent real human to human interaction?
  68. .@davethefuturist How does @CiscoSystems view the difference between Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  69. Four key pillars to IoE – people, things, process, data. #WhyIOE
  70. IoE brings together people, process, data and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. #WhyIOE
  71. @davethefuturist What will be the tipping point for IoE adoption for consumer segment? #WhyIoE
  72. .@davethefuturist What “is” the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  73. What kind of Bandwidth is needed for #IOE and how does SDN and open flow help this? #WHYIOE
  74. We call this “Value at stake”. The 14.4 trillion number over the next decade. #WhyIOE
  75. #whyIoE where does cisco play in #IoE. Is Cisco looking to be a facilitator/ information broker? like HIE in healthcare? data in motion?
  76. Presuming ‘use of case’ term in #whyioe white paper also means case study? #WhyIOE
  77. TweetChat… The Internet of Everything is a $14 Trillion Opportunity with @CiscoSystems & #WhyIOE
  78. IoE will both create new value and redistribute value based on how well companies take advantage of the oppt. that IoE represents… #WhyIOE
  79. Please explain the ‘things’ in the #internetofthings Brian and Dave! 🙂 #whyioe
  80. Thanks everyone for joining us today, and thank you Brian… here comes the first response… #WhyIOE
  81. .@davethefuturist Because of IoE, from 2013- 2022, $14.4 trillion of value (net profit) will be “up for grabs.” Please explain #WhyIOE
  82. Welcome to a conversation w/ @ciscosystems and @davethefuturist about the Internet of Everything (IoE) #WhyIOE
  83. Welcome to today’s TweetChat hosted by Cisco where @DaveTheFuturist and @BrianSolis will discuss the opportunities of #IOE #WhyIOE

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