Big Data: Turning volume, variety and velocity into Big Sales

This blog originally appeared on Sogeti’s technology trendlab called ViNT – Vision Inspiration Navigating Trends

Many companies asked themselves how they can use the big amount of data in organized and valuable data. Data which they can use to increase their Sales for example. Big Data has a huge potential and here are benefits of Big Data that companies cannot ignore. On the website Cloudtweaks I found a nice overview of Big Data benefits:

·         Information is transparent and usable at a much higher frequency.

·         Better management decisions, based on more objective data analysis;

·         Forecasting industry trends or customer needs;

·         Better customer segmentation that ultimately helps them tailor their products and services;

·         Faster development of innovative products or services.

Big Data is here to stay but we are not there already. About this process PROS has made a nice infographic I would like to share today.


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