Expert Talk: Rise of the Mobile Machines — Oracle’s solution for Device to Data Center

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 This blog originally appeared on Sogeti’s technology trendlab called ViNT – Vision Inspiration Navigating Trends

At the Mobile IT Summit, Peter Utzschneider, Vice President of Product Management, reveals Oracle’s strategy on device to data center. Within his function as VP of Product Management, Utzschneider is also responsible for identifying sectors with an early market demand and growing in a broader adoption. Some highlights from the talk:

“Right now, if we look at everything that’s going on around us, we are at the, what I would call, third wave of innovation with the advent of the internet and this wave in particular will be very very interesting. We’re looking at connecting everything else in the world to the internet.“

“For organizations this means a completely new type of client that they’ll both have to connect into their organization, but also handle in terms of managing those devices and data turning that into opportunity.”

“We have to be able to take that fast data and do an analysis dynamically as the data is moving back into the enterprise.”

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