Called as one of the: Machine to Machine (M2M) -Top 100 Thought Leaders by Onalytica


Machine to Machine (M2M) -Top 100 Thought Leaders

Machine to Machine (M2M) -Top 100 Thought Leaders

Onalytica made an overview on IoT/ Wearable tech also:

The Internet of Things – Top 100 Thought Leaders

Wearable Tech Landscape 2015: Top Influencers and Brands

According to their website, Onalytica launched our Influencer Relationship Management solution, allowing our customers to systematically manage their relationships with influential stakeholders such as investors, journalists, regulators, thought leaders and bloggers, with a view to scaling their influence and deploying their resources more efficiently. Our Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) solution allows our customers to reach the right people at the right time with the right message at scale, by building relationships with key stakeholders and managing them over time. Our Influencer Identification services allow our customers to surface credible and relevant influencers to form the foundation of their influencer marketing programmes.

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