Rick is a passionate innovation consultant who helps clients implementing innovation & emerging technology and helps them on their Digital Transformation journey. Rick is interested in emerging technology and its impact on business, strategy, culture & society.

“How to create competative advantage through the use of new technology & innovation?

  • Digital Customer Experience DCX
  • Digital Transformation DT
  • Innovation
  • Business Model Innovation BMI
  • Internet of Things IoT
  • Internet of Everything IoE
  • Industrial Internet IIoT
  • Smart Industy
  • Industry 4.0
  • Social Mobile Analytics Cloud & Things (SMACT)
  • Tech Ethics

When you want to contact Rick, you can allways contact him at his LinkedIn, Twitter  or Slideshare account

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Are you interested in the topic: “Internet of Things” and how it impacts business and society? Take a look at the following LinkedIn community:

“Industry 4.0 & the Industrial Internet”

Industry 4.0 & The Industrial Internet

Are you interested in the topic: Digital Transformation and how it impacts business and strategy? Take a look at the following LinkedIn community.

“Digital Transformation Strategy Review” Digital Transformation Strategy Review

Please feel free to invite like minded people to these Group, to participate in the larger discussion. Maybe colleagues are also interested into these groups to share insights and market trends and connect with relevant industryleaders


“You cannot manage something you do not measure.” – Dave Evans, Cisco’s Chief Futurist & Technologist

“Don’t give people what they want, give them what they need.” Joss Whedon

“We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend therest of our lives there” – Charles F. Kettering.

“Give me a little data and I’ll tell you a little. Give me a lot of data and I’ll save the world.” – Darrell Smith , Director of Facilities and Energy, Microsoft






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