Sensible sensing as a service, the moment is now

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Two years ago, Forrester Consulting commissioned a study for Zebra Technologies on the topic: “2012 Enterprise Internet of Things Adoption Outlook.” One of the key takeaways of this study was that over 50% of the organizations had plans to deploy Internet of Things related solutions in the coming two years.

Source: Building Value from Visibility – 2012 Enterprise Internet of Things Adoption Outlook

Industry drivers

Now, two years later, we can see some results: Big companies and industries as drivers of this digital revolution ; smart cities are being created and companies connecting internal and external sources to each other, to visualize business processes to create insights they can steer on. On the other hand we see an explosion on the amount of offering in the wearable technology market. $14 billion in 2014 to over $70 billion in 2024, and everyone trying to get a piece from the PIE. (Pervasive Interaction Engine)

Digital Transformation

For that reason CXO’s are trying to establish new business models. Flexible business models that are able to turn big and unwieldy companies. Flexible business models that can easily transform and adopt in times of technology disruption. A real so called, ‘digital transformation’ needs to happen for a lot of companies. Business models turned from an industrial perspective into a digital perspective. Capgemini developed a framework for this digital framework with MIT center for digital business.

Source: “Capgemini Consulting – Digital Transformation

The real meaning of Digital Transformation

One of the meanings of digital transformation is to get/ be ready for technology adoption. But the real meaning if you ask me is that not only the organization it selves benefit from this interconnected world, but in special its customers and end users. The real reason for digital transformation should be the ambition to serve your customers and end users on a better way. To not only give them what they want, but serve them what they need.

Sensing as a Service

With the Internet of Things entering the stage, companies are able to create more insights of their customers: insights that really reveal the needs of their customers. Sensing as a Service ‘the’ business model in this ‘everything’ connected World? Dr. Mazlan Abbas titled his presentation right if you ask me. “Sensing as a Service, is the new Internet of Things business model.”

“Things are not specifically key, it is the ability to sense customer needs!”

Let me put this straight. Your company’s Internet of Things strategy will not be a success on its own, like a lot of people thought the case with social media was. No, it is the organization that can adept all kinds of technologies to define on a next level their target audience group and their needs. For that reason they need to define a strategy on, let me call it, sensing that truly makes sense. Adopting technology that connects objects to each other gives a lot food for thought. Have you ever questioned yourself how many touch points/ channels your target audience is facing when the Internet of Things really explodes?

Every object a DCX

Every connected object will be a touch point to improve your digital customer experience. Next time when you think of digital transformation, the Internet of Things and digital customer experience, think also about how you are going to grab a piece of that PIE.

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