Expert talk: The Key Elements of Data Life Cycle Management

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McKinsey’s Matthias Roggendorf’s talk on the key elements of data life cycle management, Roggendorf is associate principal at McKinsey.

“You need to be very clear on what kind of business value you want to create with your data transformation it’s very important to think about carefully walked by the benefits from better data from highly integrated data and from data in higher quality”

As with any strategy or business process, what do you actually want to reach with it. What is your goal. Start with the basics was Roggendorf his tip.

 “There is a pretty lot of work to be done in terms of finding the right by the rhythms finding the right way he often  leveraging your data assets but at the same time you also need to work on the basics what is the target picture in terms of your government structure in terms of your data architecture in terms of off the data quality”

In the article: “Big Data: What is you plan?” colleagues of Roggendorf describes how to set up a Big Data plan. But first, watch the video.

And also check out this video on the three key challenges for making data analytics work.

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