Internet of Things: Doing the rights things and doing them right

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A buzzword which affect IT- and consumer tech…

Buzzwords are fashionable expressions and phrases that are often used to impress. When we talk about Marketing and IT buzzwords we can name a few like: Big Data, 3D printing and Cloud. Internet of Things is also a buzzword.

“In some cases, the Internet of things is simply a buzz phrase that companies use to sell whatever they’ve long had — just as the cloud, green, Internet, e-, and mobile labels have long been abused. But there is a there there: The Internet of things has a real meaning that’s useful to understand, as it will affect nearly every corner of both IT and consumer technology.”

It is not about ‘things’

Agreed, you need connected things to generate and collect data but, the Internet of Things is not about things.

“And you need a purpose for having all these connected devices. There are thousands of possible purposes — perhaps millions. That is why the Internet of things is not a thing but a concept that can be applied to all sorts of things. In most cases, those purposes are expressed through applications or services — whether local, cloud-based, data center-based, or a combination of any or all of those.”

The value of The Internet of Things is in the sum of connected ‘things’ in the cloud. When the generated data can be combined in the cloud, we can see patterns and insights companies might never had before. Sensors and other embedded technology can measure every single part production processes for example.

Internet of Things: Doing the rights things right

Internet of Things is, the way Kevin Ashton invented it in 1999 not about connecting ‘things’ and objects to the internet. No, it was never about connecting on its own. Internet of Things was, and is, about insights. Executives and managers can make real-time based decisions with the Internet of Things and Data analytics. Doing things right is one, doing the right things is two.

Questions executives in this stadium have to face are:

–        What kind of insight do you need to reduce cost on your top cost business processes?

–        How can embedded technology like RFID, Bluetooth and sensors generate these insights for your company?

–        How can Internet of Things help us to create competitive advantage on short- and long term?


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