Whitepapers on the Internet of Things (IoT)

In this post you find an overview of Sogeti’s/ Capgemini’s/ Caesar Experts/and other, reports on  Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0/ Industrial Internet/ IndustryX.O and related items. VINT, the research institute for new technology and did a comprehensive research on this topic. The research resulted in a dozen of very nice reports which you will find below.

Acknowledgement for contribution by Capgemini Consulting research institute for Digital Transformation on report called:

Connect – Talk – Think – Act: Developing Internet of Things & Industrial Internet Opportunities

Industry 4.0. – Sharpening the picture beyond the hype

Securing the internet of things opportunity putting cybersecurity at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT)

 “How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition”

by Michael E. Porter & James Heppelmann

Information technology is revolutionizing products, from appliances to cars to mining equipment. Products once composed solely of mechanical and electrical parts have become complex systems combining hardware, sensors, electronics, and software that connect through the internet in myriad ways. These “smart, connected products” offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality, far greater reliability, and capabilities that cut across and transcend traditional product boundaries. The changing nature of products is disrupting value chains, argue Michael Porter and PTC CEO James Heppelmann, and forcing companies to rethink nearly everything they do, from how they conceive, design, and source their products; to how they manufacture, operate, and service them; to how they build and secure the necessary IT infrastructure. Smart, connected products raise a broad set of new strategic choices for companies about how value is created and captured, how to work with traditional partners and what new partnerships will be required, and how to secure competitive advantage as the new capabilities reshape industry boundaries. For many firms, smart, connected products will force the fundamental question: “What business am I in?” This article provides a framework for developing strategy and achieving competitive advantage in a smart, connected world.

ViNT (Vision Inspiration Navigating & Trends), the trendlab on new technology from Sogeti investigated the Internet of Things and came up with 4 reports you can download them on the ViNT website, here!

Report 1: THINGS – Internet of Business Opportunities

Report 2: EMPATHIC THINGS – Intimate Technology : from wearables to biohacking

Report 3: THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: Things to Tighten the Link between IT and OT

Report 4: SMACT AND THE CITY: New Technologies in Urban Environments

Industry 4.0: from Factory to Smactory

Implications of Industry 4.0 for CIOs

Industry 4.0 the capgemini consulting view – sharpening the picture beyond the hype – capgemini consulting

Machine Intelligence: An executive introduction (ENG)

The gold rush of the Internet of Things

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