Intelligence Lab: Van urgent business probleem naar praktische oplossingen

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Deze blog verscheen onlangs op de blog van Caesar Experts.

Je kent ze ongetwijfeld; Vastlopers. Urgente vraagstukken waar al bakken met geld en energie in zitten, alleen de oplossing is nog niet inzicht. De drive om tot een oplossing te komen vervaagd en het vraagstuk lijkt alleen maar complexer te worden. Zoals Einstein een aantal jaren geleden zei:

 We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Vastlopers vragen om een andere benadering, daarvoor hebben de Caesar groep en Permanent Bèta de handen in een geslagen. Het Intelligence Lab brengt injecties die beweging brengen waarmee nieuwe inzichten ontstaan en andere oplossingsrichtingen zichtbaar worden.

Creatieve injectie

Het Intelligence Lab benadert en beantwoordt dit soort brandende vragen op een andere manier, met creativiteit en een 360 graden benadering geven we een injectie op jouw ‘vastloper’.

Hierin kan je denken aan het inzetten van het denkvermogen van een collectief IQ voor andere invalshoeken. Dit collectieve IQ bestaat uit een afvaardiging van een community van 2000 personen met ITers, fotografen, psychologen, vormgevers, kunstenaars. Die invalshoeken verrijken we daarna met slim verzamelde en verrijkte data. Natuurlijk supporten we ook in de trial and error fase met het opzetten van meetbare experimenten.

Het intelligence lab werkt als volgt

Je hebt als business owner een specifieke vraag, die gaan we met jou en je team aanscherpen. De aard van de vraag bepaalt met welke injectie we samen gaan starten, dat kan een duik in de data zijn (wat verteld de data ons) of een sessie met een community om eerst te divergeren. Door creativiteit te combineren met de kracht van data creëren we een enorm krachtige mix die verder gaat dan de bekende problem solve sessies. Dat combineren we met een praktische insteek, je vraag heeft urgentie dus willen we in 4 weken een resultaat bereiken.


Inmiddels heeft het Intelligence Lab vragen beantwoord voor onder andere ASR, Big Improvement Day, Vitens, Volker Infra en Alliander.

Het Intelligence Lab is powered by Caesar Groep en Permanent Beta.

Deze blog is een gezamenlijk geschreven artikel door Marjan Timmer, Manager Business Relations & Rick Bouter, Innovatie Consultant.

Charline Li: “Leadership in the Digital Era, Giving Up Control.”

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“In business today, the need for innovation and rapid decision-making trumps yesterday’s drive for efficiency. How does this influence what it means to be an effective leader? Charlene Li explains that it’s less about control and more about empowerment: enabling employees to acquire the information they need, so they can make their own decisions.”

“Charlene is the CEO and principal analyst at Altimeter Group, and author of The New York Times bestseller Open Leadership. She is also the co-author of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell, named one of 2008’s best business books. She is one of the foremost experts on social media, and a consultant and independent thought-leader on leadership, strategy, social technologies, interactive media and marketing. Fast Company recognized Ms. Li as one of the 100 most creative people in business in 2010, and one of the most influential women in technology in 2009. You can follow her blog at”

“About the TED Institute: We know that innovative ideas and fresh approaches to challenging problems can be discovered inside visionary companies around the world. The TED Institute helps surface and share these insights. Every year, TED works with a group of select brands to identify internal ideators, inventors, connectors, and creators. Drawing on the same rigorous regimen that has prepared speakers for the TED main stage, TED Institute works closely with each partner, overseeing curation and providing intensive one-on-one talk development to sharpen and fine tune ideas. ”


Ted Institute

Leading Digital: top-down leadership is essential

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This post originally appeared on the Sogeti Labs blog

Only 6% of all companies focus on corporate digital transformation. These companies – mostly high tech and media groups – are driven by the convergence of mobility, analytics, social media, cloud computing, and embedded devices. The rest – 94% of the companies in our current economy –is simply not ready for the technology driven 21st century.


The facts above are taken from the book: “Leading Digital, Turning Technology into Business Transformation”. The book, written by MIT’s Sloan Research Scientist George Westerman, Capgemini Consulting’s Senior Vice-President and Global Practice Leader Didier Bonnet & MIT’s principal research scientist Andrew McAfee gives an overview of the current digital transformation landscape. But it does not end there. Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee provided a 12 step roadmap that must support companies of the ‘old’ economy transform into real digital masters.

The question that makes us all think

Today I would like discuss some of the key questions in this book starting with the most important one:

“How can we enable and accelerate digital transformation in a fast changing technology landscape?”

Turning technology into business transformation

Let us first watch Didier Bonnet’s keynote during the Oracle Open World called: ”Leading Digital – Turning Technology into Business Transformation”. In this keynote Bonnet takes us on a journey through the book and presents important findings from his research.


If you only want to have a quick look through of his presentation, please find below:

Burberry vs. Me…

Maybe your question is: “How can I keep up with digital leaders such as Burberry?” Burberry and other successful companies entered the stage way before our company did. Let me first say that I understand your question. But every technology trend has its own early adopters. So it is normal that these companies are ahead of you. Secondly, when we look at the list of successful digital leaders, we can see that “Leading Digital” is not related to one single industry. Burberry, Caesar’s Entertainment, Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Starbucks, all of them are in different industries. The third comment I would like to make is: “You can do it too!” With the right ingredients you can start building towards your position as a “Digital Master”. To position yourself as a “Digital Master” let us first start with determine what you are at this moment.

 Four Levels of Digital Mastery

Digital maturity

When you want to lead digital, you must invest in both digital capability and leadership capability. Looking at the graph we can conclude that, if you have little of both you are a ‘beginner. When you have digital capabilities and no leadership capabilities you are ‘only’ a ‘fashionista’. When you have the leadership capabilities and no digital capabilities you are ‘conservative’. But, when you have both the capabilities of digital & leadership you can be called a digital master.

Top-down leadership is essential

Westerman, Bonnet and McAfee made a 12 step roadmap towards being a digital leader. If you want to reform not only your own business model but your entire business eco-system this is the way to go. So, if you are a part of the 94%, take a deep breath and start this journey. Step by step.

11777-CG-Leading-digital-panel-new_Beth_v06-(Transformation) for Retina


 Leading Digital Transformation Now – No Matter What Business You’re In – Didier Bonnet at Oracle Open World – Capgemini Group Youtube

 Didier Bonnet: Oracle Open World Presentation on #LeadingDigital – Capgemini Slideshare

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Figure 1 – Trade and export me

Figure 2 – Capgemini Consulting

Figure 3 – Capgemini Consulting

Tweetchat #whyioe with @DavetheFuturist @CiscoSystems and @BrianSolis

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Yesterday Cisco organized a tweetchat about The Internet of Everything with @DavetheFuturist @CiscoSystems and @BrianSolis. Please  find below a storify of this event.
  1. @ArtJones With more than 99% of things not yet connected, we are just beginning the journey. #WhyIOE
  2. Thank you all for your time. I very much enjoyed this Twitter chat. I will provide further comments in an upcoming blog post soon… #WhyIOE
  3. RT @TeriConrad: Nice! RT @DaveTheFuturist Proud to say we got #WhyIoE trending. 1st time in @CiscoSystems history! #WhyIOE #WhyIOE
  4. The Internet of Everything: How More Relevant and Valuable Connections Will Change the World #WhyIOE
  5. The Internet of Everything: How More Relevant and Valuable Connections Will Change the World – YouTube #whyIOE
  6. Why the Internet of Everything? Because connecting the unconnected saves lives and rebuilds communities. #WhyIOE
  7. @ReinventionQ – agreed. The Internet has forever transformed how we communicate… anyone on the planet, in rich immersive ways… #WhyIOE
  8. @DazzmobileNews I personally think $14 Trillion is a low estimate of the opportunity. #WhyIOE
  9. and, here is a link to a whitepaper with much more detail: #WhyIOE
  10. @DaveTheFuturist: a digital nervous system for the planet will emerge. A new way to sense and manage our world <— WOW! #WhyIOE
  11. Talk about impatient! “@rickbouter @DaveTheFuturist @duivestein what Will be the next big thing #after#IoE #WhyIoE
  12. @DaveTheFuturist And… @YacineBaroudi Technology (Internet) allows us to share, communicate, learn in unprecedented ways… #WhyIOE #MT
  13. People Will take different providers in #IoE (pin/ code story) #whyioe
  14. @DaveTheFuturist @ReinventionQ Corps haven’t adapt 4 hiring pple with broad skills though. Corps may need evolve talent acquisition.#WhyIOE
  15. ‏@duivestein – a digital nervous system for the planet will emerge. A new way to sense and manage our world… #WhyIOE
  16. #WhyIoE Who will own the data in #IoE? How is that determine? what is “private” & what is “public”. Who stores the #data & for how long?
  17. @ReinventionQ Medicine tech skills will be needed. Same is true for many industries – cross-pollination of skills… #WhyIOE
  18. @DaveTheFuturist 4) games & ent point to current cross-device cloud apps. Are we talking sensors on everyday objects for sports/ent? #WhyIOE
  19. @ReinventionQ It’s no longer about a skill – it’s about multi-disciplianry skill sets – take healthcare as one example… #WhyIOE
  20. #WhyIoE how far are we from M2M? Will IoT happen first human to machine before the maturity of M2M and automated Biz processes?
  21. 1 “@ReinventionQ @DavetheFuturist What 1 individual skill/trait do u think is most valuable 2 cultivate 2 be relevant in #WhyIOE economy?”
  22. Who will emerge as leaders on the analytics and data crunching side of the IoE?
    @davethefuturist @briansolis #whyioe
  23. @YacineBaroudi Technology (the Internet) is allowing us to share, communicate, learn in ways unprecedented in history… #WhyIOE
  24. @YacineBaroudi @DaveTheFuturist @CiscoSystems IoT v IoE People, process, data, things. 99% of physical objects are still unconnected #WhyIOE
  25. @DavetheFuturist What 1 individual skill/trait do u think is most valuable 2 cultivate 2 remain relevant in #WhyIOE economy?
  26. The risks are innovation, competitiveness, inefficiency, time to market, customer loyalty to name just a few. #WhyIOE
  27. @DaveTheFuturist Difference Internet of Things vs of Everything pls? Or is it just an @CiscoSystems branding spin? @briansolis #WhyIOE
  28. #WhyIoE what industry do you think is most mature to take on IoE first? Healthcare? Energy? what are low hanging use cases
  29. .@davethefuturist What is the risk to companies that don’t transform using the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  30. MT @mike_rochip: #WhyIOE Are we talking about the Internet as we know it any more? #EoE
  31. .@davethefuturist Which industries drive the most Value at Stake in the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  32. What could #gigbit internet do to offer an internet of everything FOR the public good? #WhyIOE
  33. and information services, finance and insurance, and healthcare. #WhyIOE
  34. 4 out of 18 industries make up more than half the total Value at Stake – This includes – manufacturing, retail trade, (and…) #WhyIOE
  35. 3 core principles of social business are a must here; engagement, transparency & agility but how deep are these actually penetrating #WhyIOE
  36. @YacineBaroudi @rickbouter @DaveTheFuturist IOE healthcare raises ethical, reliability, privacy & security questions. #WhyIOE
  37. @DaveTheFuturist To what extent do you see technology pushing human readiness for #IoE? #WhyIoE
  38. #WhyIOE We’ve rethought the “things” part but what about the “Internet” part? Are we talking about the Internet as we know it any more? #EoE
  39. @TeriConrad Hi Teri. Here’s the link to the #IOE Economy whitepaper for more info: #WhyIOE
  40. @JustinRFrench – Cisco has a rich history of unifying disparate systems based on industry open standards. #WhyIOE
  41. All about brand affinity trust and transparency those who don’t embrace will be disadvantaged #WhyIOE
  42. .@davethefuturist Which use cases will drive the most Value at Stake in the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  43. How do you see the #smartgrid growing, and it what ways will we be implementing more smart grids around the US? #WHYIOE
  44. cross-industry such as future of work. Note: We focused on private sector use cases to make insights relevant for biz / industry. #WhyIOE
  45. So when we’re talking IoE we’re talking emergence of Real Life with Digital? Consistent Experience across the board? @Briansolis #WhyIOE
  46. What about the ‘white noise’ factor that IoE could create, will it be too distracting to leverage progress effectively? #WhyIOE
  47. .@davethefuturist What’s @ciscosystems role in helping businesses embrace the IoE opportunity? #WhyIOE
  48. Value at stake: 66% (9.5T) from industry-specific use cases (ex. smart grid, smart buildings) and 34% (4.9T) from… #WhyIOE
  49. How will this affect consumers and what drivers (monetization) is there fir service providers? #WhyIOE
  50. @davethefuturist, for employee productivity driver, P2P a large portion. Which industries best fit, beyond healthcare/mfg/logisitcs? #WhyIOE
  51. How are questions safety, security, ethical use and individual privacy being addressed in IOE? #WhyIOE
  52. What emphasis do you place on face 2 face engagement? At the end of day people need to get to know, like & trust stage #WhyIOE
  53. How can we use #IOE to not only entertain & inform ppl, but actually IMPROVE their daily lives thru health, transportation, energy? #WHYIOE
  54. @bussolati – IoE will impact every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to energy, to transportation, to entertainment and beyond… #WhyIOE
  55. security, standards & money making biz models needed in #IoE. Who will integrate the stack. sensor>comm>middleware>analytics #whyIoE
  56. .@davethefuturist What is the value that’s at stake with the Internet of Everything? What does it include? #WhyIOE
  57. Gr8 thought Rick”@rickbouter: @YacineBaroudi @DaveTheFuturist Tech ready 4 #ioe but are humans ready 4 such an impact on pers life? #whyioe
  58. @rickbouter @YacineBaroudi @DaveTheFuturist I would guess some are ready and others aren’t ready. Some are impatient. #WhyIOE
  59. @YacineBaroudi @DaveTheFuturist Technology is ready for #ioe but are we humans ready for such an impact on personal life? #whyioe
  60. @DaveTheFuturist But what does that say about adoption? Now more things than people on the Internet… #WhyIOE
  61. @rickbouter I believe we have already reached the tipping point. Now more things than people on the Internet… #WhyIOE
  62. Can you talk about how fragmented the Internet is? And how is cisco playing a role in defragmenting #WhyIOE
  63. @bussolati @davethefuturist I agree IOE includes people but doesn’t part of IOE include doing things 4 people without interaction?#WhyIOE
  64. @DaveTheFuturist Where do you see most significant change in our lives as a result of IoE? Or is the point that it’s evrwhr? #WhyIOE
  65. … adding network intelligence that allows convergence, orchestration, and visibility across previously disparate systems. #WhyIOE
  66. What role do you think predictive analytics will play in capitalising on IoE & will KPI’s be superseded by KPP’s? #WhyIOE
  67. #WhyIOE How can #IoE benefit humanity without creating more networks that prevent real human to human interaction?
  68. .@davethefuturist How does @CiscoSystems view the difference between Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  69. Four key pillars to IoE – people, things, process, data. #WhyIOE
  70. IoE brings together people, process, data and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. #WhyIOE
  71. @davethefuturist What will be the tipping point for IoE adoption for consumer segment? #WhyIoE
  72. .@davethefuturist What “is” the Internet of Everything? #WhyIOE
  73. What kind of Bandwidth is needed for #IOE and how does SDN and open flow help this? #WHYIOE
  74. We call this “Value at stake”. The 14.4 trillion number over the next decade. #WhyIOE
  75. #whyIoE where does cisco play in #IoE. Is Cisco looking to be a facilitator/ information broker? like HIE in healthcare? data in motion?
  76. Presuming ‘use of case’ term in #whyioe white paper also means case study? #WhyIOE
  77. TweetChat… The Internet of Everything is a $14 Trillion Opportunity with @CiscoSystems & #WhyIOE
  78. IoE will both create new value and redistribute value based on how well companies take advantage of the oppt. that IoE represents… #WhyIOE
  79. Please explain the ‘things’ in the #internetofthings Brian and Dave! 🙂 #whyioe
  80. Thanks everyone for joining us today, and thank you Brian… here comes the first response… #WhyIOE
  81. .@davethefuturist Because of IoE, from 2013- 2022, $14.4 trillion of value (net profit) will be “up for grabs.” Please explain #WhyIOE
  82. Welcome to a conversation w/ @ciscosystems and @davethefuturist about the Internet of Everything (IoE) #WhyIOE
  83. Welcome to today’s TweetChat hosted by Cisco where @DaveTheFuturist and @BrianSolis will discuss the opportunities of #IOE #WhyIOE

Dalton Caldwell, Co-Founder & CEO, Speaks at LeWeb Paris 2012

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Dalton Caldwell, Co-Founder & CEO,
“Business Model Implications of The Internet of Things”

Here some quotes from the presentation of Dalton.

The good news:

“The IoT- era has begun.”

“Polished, useful IoT products released daily.”

“Amount of information sensed/ stored by IoT will increase exponentially”

The bad news:

“Think your email inbox and social feeds are overwhelming? Just wait…”

“IoT is going to make things a lot “noisier”.”

“Making sense of the noise is harder than building the machines which create it”


Source LeWeb